Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Once about a mushroom time, princess Toadstool was outside talking to the butterflys when out of no where Bowser appeared and kidnapped her. Mario heard the princesses cries for help and as always went to rescue her. Just after silencing Bowser from his "I'm not defeated" lines, Mario was about to untie the princess and bring her back to Mushroom Kingdom. At that time, out of no where, a giant sword came crashing in the middle of Bowser's Keep and brought seven stars with it. Mario's next task is clear: find out what happened and try to solve the problem. (If indeed it is a problem)

Hmmm, Square. Looks promising. {plays game} That was lame!!
Yes indeed, the game you have just played is quite a failure at being an RPG. True, there's not much that can be done with Mario as the center of the game. (Another game where the hero doesn't talk) At least they could made something remotely unique. What's with Mario and stars? Many gamers will find familiar attacks (such as Mario's fireballs and jumps) and be surprized by Princess's bombing attack. There are a (very) few mini-games, but they have lame prizes. No side quests that I can remember. I played through this game twice. Once to beat it, and once to make sure I didn't miss anything. (which I didn't) I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for a sequel.