The main window where the decoding takes place

The main window. All the decoding processes happens here. This window also contains the box where the codes are stored until they are saved. Nearly everything can be accessed through this window.

Loading and Saving window

This window contains two lists: one of directories of the chosen drive and the other contains files in the chosen directory. The check boxes allow you to do what they say.

"Show all files" will display all files in the folder. (Maybe not hidden ones though)

"Append" will let you append to the file you're saving to or append to the list when opening.

"Export to text" means the list will be saved
using Game Genie codes and descriptions only

Author's information Nothing happens here. Sorry :)

IPS patching This window allows you to select the codes to write a patch for the ROM. You can use an IPS utility to apply the patches to the ROM itself, or you can just place the ips file in the same directory as the ROM and ZSNES will automatically apply the patches. Since I don't know how NES ot Genesis ROMs work, I don't have an IPS option for them. If anyone knows how these codes affect ROM memory, please tell me.

Selecting Paths of the cheat files This window will let you select separate directories to load up when opening the file window when a certain system is selected.