Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This one's gonna be long....
Much improved game over it predecessors. It too has its bugs. None game-stopping though. A few spelling errors of the common people's dialogue but I think that's it. Several exploitable miscalculations that I'll explain later. As well as an easy way to catch fish. (Esp. for people like me with emulators)

Scene 1: Forest Actors: Great Deku Tree, Navi, Saria, Boy-without-a-fairy (Link), and Mido. GDT says "I'm about to die, Navi tell Boy-without-a-fairy to help me." Boy-without-a-fairy becomes Boy-with-NEW-fairy. Boy-with-NEW-fairy helps GDT by ridding him of Queen Gohma. GDT tells Boy-with-NEW-fairy to leave the forest and stop the Gerudo-man-in-black. GDT dies. End Scene One. (No, I'm not gonna keep going on like that) Link has to collect the spiritual stones to prevent Ganondorf from entering the Sacred Realm. However, as soon as Link opens it, GANONDORF FOLLOWS HIM IN!!! OH NO!!! Now Link is seven years in the future and must awaken the six sages to help him defeat the evil Gerudo king and thief Ganondorf. Aided (only by the songs he teaches) by a mysterous figure known as Sheik, Link rids the temples of the evil demons that block the sages.

Be it brief as it may seem, that is the general required plot. There are a multitude of things on the side you can do. Most of them require you to be an adult. Some of the more involved side-quests require you to master time and travel between kid and adult. Like the skulltula quest that reaps several benefits. The last one being infinite gold rupees. Here's a list of side-quests that are helpful to the game, but not required to defeat Ganon:

I think that's all that are not necessary. There are also lots of mini-games that can give really good prizes such as capacity upgrades or pieces of heart. It is an involved game with a very comprehensible plot that you're constantly reminded of every time you enter a dungeon or meet Sheik.

My opinion about certain side-quests:
I'll start with the Biggoron sword trading quest. This is one of the first things I do as an adult. The reason I don't like this trading quest is that it can be over in a matter of moments. I take the time to do a few more things before I actually get the sword. First thing's first, you don't have a chance if you don't have Epona. So, I get Epona first thing after leaving the castle. Then I go to Kakariko and get the hookshot and the heart piece from the same place. Next, I start the trade by getting the mini-cucco egg. I'm not going to go through all of the trading, so I'll just say where I diverge for a while/ After I give the saw to the carpenter on the other side of Gerudo Valley, I proceed into the fortress to rescue the other carpenters. I don't think that it saves time, but it's there so why not? Quick question to ask yourself; (and slight spoiler) if the Biggoron Sword doesn't break, what did the master carpenter do with it that made it break? I've hit agaist some really hard objects, it got burned with me, submerged with me, got crushed with me, and it still comes out as shiny as a newly minted nickel. Anyway, I get the prescription for the eye drops, but lo-and-behold Zora is frozen in red ice. If blue ice is melted by red fire, then red ice is melted by (all together now) BLUE FIRE. Best place to get it is in the ice cave. Since I'm there, I get the iron boots, skultulas, and heart piece that are in there as well. Then I continue with trading until I get the Biggoron sword. My best time for a close call was 2 seconds remaining on the final leg. I just reached the top, Biggoron came out and I was breaking my fingers to hit the C button I had already assigned to the drops. Got it with two seconds to spare.
Gold Skultula hunt. This is a unique quest that takes the entire length of the game. GSs are everywhere, but usually are only found at night. There are 100 of them in all. On my own, I think I found 38 of them. Then I got access to a strategy guide that displayed in detail the locations of all of them. I've been through the game six times since I got that book and still haven't missed one yet. I don't use the book anymore, I just know where they are now. The rewards are worth the labor involved in finding them all. You get bigger Rupee capacity, Stone of Agony, Bombchus, Piece of Heart, and ultimatly infinite gold rupees.
The Magic bean planting is VERY annoying. I never carry beans without having a bottle of bugs. In case you didn't know, every spot that you can plant beans (save the one next to the bean salesman) has a GS in it. Drop the bugs on those spots BEFORE you plant the beans or you'll never get them out. I always drop bugs before I plant. Since you drop three bugs at a time, pick one of the ones you just dropped up. Next time you drop, you'll have three bugs.
Bestowing the exodus of subjugated artisans from dried wasteland garrison occupied by female embezzlers. (Getting the carpenters out of Gerudo) Everytime I do this, I always take the easiest route that only requires me to stun one Gerudo guard. There is a way to simply move from one chamber to the next without going through the majority of the fortress. It involves exploiting a slight bug in the jumping process. If you're dying to know, email me and I'll tell you. Not too hard if you know what you're doing. The fights aren't hard. Just don't lose too much health or get hit by the swinging sword attack. Basically have your sheild up most of the time and attack while she's getting up from her last attack. Treat the Iron Knuckles this way except give them more room. The best way to fight them and the Iron Knuckles is this: wait until they start to attack. (Always Z-Target these enemies. You don't want them attacking you from behind) When you see them give a motion to attack, back flip and wait for their attack to finish. When that happens, move in and do a deathblow. Repeat until you are the last one standing.

That's about all I have to say about that. I may add more later though. Excellent game. I play it as much as I can.

According to the Message board on GameFAQs.com, there has been several sightings of a mysterious 'pig creature' somewhere in Dampe's Race. Details of what it looks like and how to find it are still sketchy at best. No one that has seen it can accuratly display what it is or where to find it. Join us on the search and tell me your results so we can actually see this thing.

Due to threats to Alpha Omega2240 and myself, I have decided to clear something up. The following is NOT the actual pig creature, it was not intended to be. It is a JOKE that someone who saw it decided to pull. However since no better picture exists, it stays. My fellow gamers, I give you the most acurate recreation picture of the mysterous creature: the PIG THING!!

deathscythe82 has provided me with an old picture out of a Nintendo Power magizine about the game before it came out. This picture was THOUGHT to be the pig. However I obtained a better picture of it in the day time which reveals that it is an octorok like the ones in the first Zelda game.