Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Much better title than the Zelda for SNES. Some bugs in the game. Not it's-impossible-to-beat bugs, but some noticable if you know where to look. The select bug is one of the major ones that's gotten my character into a lot of trouble. (right now, I just beat level 3 and I'm stuck in level 7 and 8. Don't ask, I don't know) Even some things that are in there just to be in there. Like in Animal Village, there's a aligator artist painting a hippo. If you look at the painting, it's just a mess similar to what a donut would look like to a short-circuited video camera.

Best RPG I've played for GB. Also one of the ONLY RPGs I've played for GB.
Link gets shipwrecked on an island with an egg sitting a top a large mountain peak. Found by a girl named Maron who is supposed to look like Zelda. (I don't see the resemblance) Monsters start appearing in great numbers because of Link's appearance. Link must collect the eight instruments of the sirens in order to wake the windfish. The eight instruments are in eight dungeons guarded by nightmares.

If you ask me, this is the lamest plot yet. It has nothing to do with Hyrule. (This is the ONLY Zelda game that doesn't) Link only gets 12 weapons (if you could call magic powder or his shield a weapon) that he can chose two of to have equipped at a time. This is the first (and only I think) Zelda game that does not have the sheild automatically in front of you. I remember in Link To the Past that the mirror shield covered most of his body. Anyway, this Zelda game more actively included the following attribute: USE THE ITEM IN THE DUNGEON TO DEFEAT THE BOSS. This holds true with the exception of dungeon six. Maybe even seven depending on how you fight him. It takes WAY too long to upgrade the sword. You have to collect 20 Secret Seashells before you can. Chances are that you won't find 20 before the sixth dungeon is even over! There are, if I remember correctly, 25 seashells scattered about. You only need 20 though.
In reguards to heart pieces in THIS game. I think that there are two that are completely unfair. I spent days searching for the two missing heart pieces that were the only one's left. Finally I got fed up and looked for their locations on the Internet. They weren't on the Internet. So I looked for a place on the Internet that would tell me where they were in the game. THEY ARE UNDERWATER!!!!!!!! Who would look for them underwater or even think to look there??? Apparently not me.

The game is splendedly set up in a way that you HAVE to go in order of the dungeons. There are game things they spring on you before you can get to the next dungeon. Like the Walrus blocking your way to the yarna desert before you beat level three. And the way you have to beat level two and give up BowWow to even get close to getting the key to level three! Also, the trading system works this way. This is the first trading system in a Zelda game which progresses as you go along through the story. Read my Zelda64 opinions to see what I think of THAT trading system. Totally different. Anyway, It starts out with a Yoshi doll in a crane game. You can get to having the bananas before you have to have more items to get to the next exchange. Also, you can actually STEAL from the only shop in the entire game. Rather unique ability, but I prefer not to. Since after you do, you die the next time you step foot into the store AND your name is automatically changed to "THIEF".

Not a bad game, I played it often until I found some better games. Then I basically ignored it after that.