Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

HORRIBLE pun, but a great game. Very much improved from the first two. I personally think it was a very good original idea to have TWO different overworlds that you have to switch back and forth to get everything. However, I wish they'd made the transition a little less annoying. After seeing the fade out/back in for the 231664324th time (only slight exageration) it always seems to take forever. Especially when you use the mirror and end up in a place in the light world that you shouldn't be. (Usually in a wall)

Great game on the whole aside from those problems mentioned above. Repeated plot: Link vs Ganon. I think this is the way Zelda games SHOULD be. Not like the second Zelda game for NES which put you against himself. Unlike its title MAY suggest, this does NOT involve time travel. If you want time travel, play Zelda64 and I think the new GBC game Oracle of Ages. (Those GBC games are next on my list to play) The reason it says Link to the Past is because it is supposed to be set BEFORE the Zelda games for NES. This game did, however, set some new standards for a Zelda game.

Back to LTP, LOTS of items that can get a new player confused unless they have played the game from the very beginning. You get a lantern before you get anything else. At least you SHOULD. Dumb as it sounds, I missed it the first time I played it. There are some items, though, that you only use once. Like the Ether Medalion. I only use that once and put it away. In reguards of heart pieces, they are scattered everywhere. Some being in places that you'll never find yourself without a guide. There are some places that just seem that they have to have one yet they don't. The Treasure chest game is a pain in the crotch trying to get the heart piece. Lucky for me, I play this game using an emulator so I just go up to a chest, save, open the chest, and reload if it's not the heart to open it again. Same thing with the digging game. Many more places for the heart to be, but at least you can 'open' at most a third of them before your time is up. The point I think I'm trying to make with this is that there are several things left to chance. Mostly Heart pieces, but there are even places you can lose a lot of money. It's like indirectly gambling.
There are multiple swords, but there's little need to get them upgraded unless you're having trouble beating a boss. I personally like upgrading because I can defeat the bosses easier. One thing that is also possible is getting all the weapons before defeating even one boss in the Dark World. This is fixed in later Zelda games that I will explain later.

Great game IMO. I still play it.