ROM Mannerism Vicissitude Program

Please check the Updates page!!!

This program adds to the convinence of entering Game Genie or PAR codes into certain software emulators for SNES, Sega Genesis, and the NES. More specifically, ZSNES, Genecyst, and NESticle. You can find many codes on the internet at places like GGCCC. This program started out as a test of my VBASIC skills and ended up as a Science Fair Project winning Second place in the Arkansas State Fair. Now that I've been given some webspace, I've decided to make this page and make the program available on the internet.

Since this is a VB 6 program, you'll need the runtime files to run it. These files are available on the downloads page along with the actual program and all other versions of it. The files contained are:

msstdfmt.dll msvvbvm60.dll vba6.dll
They are Version 6 files and I think they come with Microsoft Office 2K, but I'm not sure because I don't have it

The newest version I created requires another file that needs to be registered. (This one's about 1Meg and can't be reduced like the others are)

I haven't kept the old version that doesn't require this file and it'd take a while to take the feature out again. To register this file, place in the windows\system directory and click on Start -> Run and type regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx

I will eventually add a links page and update this program by request and response. The more people that ask for a specific feature, the harder I will work on that particular feature. For instance, I just recieved information about the Game Boy's and the Game Gear's Game Genie. If you would like to see support for these codes, email me. I also need to know which emulator you would like to see support for, since some emulators store codes differently than others.

All information on Game Genie codes comes from the GGCCC

Email me at: